About Batter Brands

BatterBrands was created with the knowledge that crafting is too expensive. The world is too expensive; and raising the minimum wage does not help if one can not afford to pay for daycare, or gas for the car. The result of todays economy has made it near impossible to survive. Families are living paycheck to paycheck. Families cannot afford the rising costs of fuel, housing, and food, let alone crafts. Stay at home persons are looking for ways to earn extra income without breaking the bank. This must be achievable! Right?

BatterBrands has a solution; we are going to be okay.

BatterBrands wants to be one of the first of its kind, to attempt to lower prices, while NOT make millions in profit! I want to give Canadians a chance to make crafts AND sell them at a decent price. How often have you seen a handmade item that you really wanted but didn’t purchase because of the price? If the price was reasonable, you’d own it. Right? You lost a great item, the seller lost a sale, the economy continues to suffer. No one accomplished a thing..

My philosophy is simple – If you can purchase your crafting supplies at a lower price, then you can sell your crafts at a lower price. This enables the buyer to become a repeat customer. This puts money in everyone’s pocket. Now we can spend locally, and put money back into the economy. We all win if we buy better at BatterBrands.

Crafting Supplies West Kelowna

When it comes to crafting products in West Kelowna and crafting supplies in West Kelowna our professional team at BatterBrands can accommodate a wide variety of online shopping wishes and requests. From specialized crafting products in Kelowna to affordable crafting supplies in Kelowna and everything in between our website covers a vast array of products in categories such as cardstock, cricut blank, electronics, fabric, infusible ink™, machines, paper crafts, tools & accessories, vinyl, and more. Not only are we a veteran-owned company that provides effective, efficient, and affordable high-quality crafting products to West Kelowna customers, but we also go above and beyond to assure every customer receives impeccable attention to their orders and needs. We want to set the standard for crafting supplies in West Kelowna and have made it our company mission to do exactly that.

Finding the right crafting products in Kelowna or crafting supplies in Kelowna is as easy as shopping online at our BatterBrands website. Regardless of whether you are searching for specialty crafting products in West Kelowna or crafting supplies in Kelowna we cover it all as a veteran-owned small business. If you have any particular crafting products you are looking for, we would be happy to take the time to go over all your questions to make sure your buying requirements are met with complete satisfaction. Helping clients fulfill all their crafting supplies demands is something we, as one of the go-to local businesses, take pride in. Always placing client happiness and project success as the number one priority, you can feel confident in knowing that you are getting the very best in Crafting Supplies West Kelowna when purchasing from us. 

Regardless of if you are looking for crafting products in West Kelowna or crafting supplies in Kelowna we can cover it all. If you are living in Canada and require premium crafting products or supplies we encourage you to check out our extensive website or to contact someone from our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff today. In regard to crafting supplies in West Kelowna you can rely on our associate’s product partnerships at BatterBrands to make every effort to facilitate trustworthy transactions and successful projects. Never worry about finding the crafting products you need again as they are only a quick search away on our BatterBrands website.